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Cleaning Chemicals and Deodorisers

At Anona we know that when it comes to clinical, hospitality and industrial cleaning solutions, 'all purpose' products are not an option. The products needed for cleaning a kitchen differ from those needed in a washroom, while the products used in a hotel differ from those required for a hospital. Our in-house brand of choice is BeClean, a range of cleaning products, which has proven results in economy and ecology. This range of products has a solution for all types of cleaning; from housekeeping cleaning products, used by hotels, to industrial cleaning supplies for production plants.



The Be Clean range includes the following variants:

Azucare: Hand and Body Cleaning Solutions

Azucare is a range of skincare products for use in general, clinical and industrial work environments.

Catering Concentrates: Catering Cleaning Solutions

This is a range of products made specifically for the catering industry and includes the standard kitchen cleaning products along with good quality degreasers and sanitizers.

i-System: Colour Coded Cleaning Solutions with Multilingual Training Aids

The i-System range of internationally recognisable colour coded cleaning solutions, comes with Multi-lingual training aids in Polish, Romanian, Chinese and other standard European Languages. This ensures that any non-national cleaning staff will not mistake the usages and purpose of the different cleaning chemicals in this range.

Marsan: Laundry Cleaning Solutions

This range comes in two versions. The general version is suitable for use in laundry facilities at hotels, Motels and B&Bs, while the clinical version is for use in hospital and residential care facilities and contains additional pathogen killing chemicals.

MD: Machine Dishwashing Solutions

The MD range of cleaning products is specifically for use in commercial dishwashers.

Prostar: Ready to Use Cleaning Solutions

Prostar is a range of ready to use cleaning fluids and deodorisers.

Super C: Super Concentrated Solutions

The Super C range of cleaning products are used in conjunction with Cleaning Chemical Dispensers such as the Venturi plumbed system and the C Dose non plumbed system, which dispense measured quantities of this highly concentrated solution, avoiding wastage and reducing costs.

For manual washing of pots, pans, crockery and utensils. Effectively removes grease and dried on soiling.