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We are a leading cleaning wholesale supplier offering hygiene supplies, cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment and much more to every sector and business across Ireland. We know you have many choices when it comes to buying cleaning products and cleaning equipment and it is because of this that Anona works that little bit harder than our competition to make your life easier while providing quality, cost-effective hygiene supplies.

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Why choose Anona?

Anona, a supplier of quality cleaning products and equipment, began trading in 2005 with a small range of products, selling to a niche group of customers. Today we have a customer base of over 280 clients across every sector of the Irish economy, supplying the widest range of products in our sector, including washroom supplies, hotel products, hygiene products, commercial catering equipment, industrial cleaners and cleaning supplies.

Anona - A Focus on Quality with An Eye On Value
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Paper Products & Dispensers


Mops, Brooms, Brushes & Dusters


Cleaning Wholesale Suppliers For All Your Hygiene Supplies

Anona is the answer to all your cleaning requirements. We stock an extensive range of products from cleaning chemicals to industrial cleaning equipment. In our cleaning chemicals range you will find a variety of ready-to-use cleaning solutions to highly concentrated solutions for large facilities. Our range of industrial cleaning equipment includes everything any facility will need from brushes and mops to window cleaning equipment, floor scrubbers and ride-on street cleaning machines. Whatever you need, you are sure to find it at Anona.

Wholesale Suppliers For All Your Business Needs

Anona can supply much more than just cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment. Whether you are looking for washroom products such as hand-dryers, soaps and air-fresheners or you are looking for hotel suppliers that can provide everything from TVs to candles, towels and even grooming kits. In the catering sector, Whether you run a small take-away outlet or a five star hotel, we have the catering and hospitality products for you, such as napkins, paper cups, plastic containers, trays, utensils and even fryers and ovens. In short Anona is here for you and we are proud to say that we can probably meet the needs of virtually any business in the service sector with any product!

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