Unit 35 Block 613, Greenogue Business Park,
Rathcoole, Dublin.

Phone: 01 2575234

Why choose Anona?

Anona, a supplier of quality cleaning products and equipment, began trading in 2005 with a small range of products, selling to a niche group of customers. Today we have a customer base of over 280 clients across every sector of the Irish economy, supplying the widest range of products in our sector, including washroom supplies, hotel products, hygiene products, commercial catering equipment, industrial cleaners and cleaning supplies.

Anona - A Focus On Quality With An Eye On Value

Anona has a focus on quality in every category of products we supply. This doesn't mean you have to compromise on value, in fact at Anona we firmly believe that the two go hand in hand. What you will never find at Anona are 'cheap' inferior products that provide less economy and reliability in use. So whether you are buying super-concentrated cleaning solutions, sweeping brushes, hand towels or you are kitting out a professional kitchen, you will find only the best and value-packed products in stock at Anona.

Anona - For Speedy Delivery

Our aim is to make your life easier and unlike other supplies companies, Anona treats every order as a priority order, so once an order is placed with us, you will have it in your hands the next day if you are in the Greater Dublin Area and within 48 hours anywhere else in Ireland.

Anona - For Cost Control

We have invested in an advanced stock management system that allows us to provide you with detailed information regarding your product usage and history. For instance, our system flags irregularities in customer-ordering patterns and allows us to track and inform you of any spikes in volume. This allows you to rectify incorrect/over usage of products and control your costs. The system also allows us to maintain accurate control of our own stock, ensuring that items that you will have regular need for are never out of stock when you need them, thereby avoiding unnecessary delays or costly priority orders elsewhere.

Anona - Making Your Life Easier

By now you should have a sense of how a choice for Anona means more to us that simply being your supplier. For us you are choosing a partner to help provide you with the right products, on time and to help you minimise spend.

A further example of our determination to help you reduce wastage and increase safety is the multi-lingual training packs we provide on request with our I-Range of cleaning chemicals. These are available in Polish, Chinese, Romanian and all other major European languages.